Monday, April 29, 2013

How to Make Money in SFI?

Making money with SFI? Here is how to make you fully understand how SFI works.

Scoring VersaPoints and generating sales at TripleClicks are a great way to start earning money with SFI.

Versapoint can be accumulate by doing a large variety of pointable actions. See Affiliate Center, and just click the red tabs to get vp's daily, weekly and monthly to-do-list. By doing so you are making money from the excutive pool share.

Executive pool is the 40% sale generated company wide that is shared to all affiliate. The more vp's you generate the more money you earn. Each vp's corresponds a share in the executive pool. But if you want to a create a major monthly income stream, you must employ sponsoring and duplication.

Anyone can get someone to sign up free as an affiliate, and even earn some 45% Direct Commissions via TripleClicks sales, but if you stop there, you'll be leaving the big bucks for someone else.

See SFI compensation plan for more ways to earn.

One more thing, treat TripleClicks as your own store.

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